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Sunday, April 09, 2006

there I go.

Hi welcome to my blog.
My plan to ride my bike from Minneapolis MN to Austin TX this fall seems easier then setting up this blog. So please be patient with me.
I'm riding to celibrate 5 years cancer free. I'm raising money for the Lance Armstrong foundation see my fundraiser website
My main worry throughout the cancer treament has been, if I would be able to get children afterwards. I was only 33 when my breastcancer was found!
Now 37 and finishing my treatment with Arimidex (hormoon therapy) on 12/31/06 the answer to the question is still unclear.
My docters don't know, because no real research has been done on this subject. The Lance Armstrong foundation supports Fertile hope (see fertilehope.org) an organization addressing the needs for people living with cancer and issues of fertility.
I'll be talking more about all this in the future.

In Austin I'll participate in the Lance Armstrong challenge ride on October 8th , 100 miles.
My fundraiser goals is 5000 us dollars. Please support me! Thank you


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