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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Medical update

I have been very busy with all kind of medical tests lately because of something funny going on.
In 2003 I had my gall bladder take out because of having several very painful “attacks” and a US test that supposedly showed gallstones. The surgery went well and I thought my problems were over. Even though my surgeon told me there were no stones but just a small opening into the duct.
After being attack free for a year or so I was surprised to experience one feeling just as the ones that let to my surgery. Now 4 years and several very spaced out “attacks” later I finally decided this was enough.
So I visited my primary care doc who ordered a MRI to see what’s going on. The radiologist and GI-surgeon consulted in the case were unable to agree about what is going on, so the next step was a CT-scan and a US. These took place this past Friday and now I’m hoping to hear something soon. The US tech and MD called into the room didn’t seem to be able to find a clear cause and thought the next step might be an endoscope. Well there’s something to look forward to!

During all this I also had my yearly breast MRI and check up, which thankfully got an all clear and 2 thumbs up!

Next to this I’m also seeing a therapist to get my thought and feelings about the possible impossibility of ever having children and other personal struggles figured out. It’s a difficult process but I’m glad I’m working on it. 6 years cancer free and done with the medical part of treatment, I have found that now I’ve got to work on the mental part.


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