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Saturday, February 17, 2007

A new Fundraising effort!

Slowly my year is filling up with all kinds of great events!
Next week I’m going to the annual Conference for Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer, in Arlington, VA. I’m looking forward to this chance to learn more about the new developments in research and to meet other young survivors. I qualified for a scholarship, which made it possible for me to go. Thank you kind donor!

Then in March I’ll go snowboarding for 2 days with Kharmen, followed by an Ice-hockey tournament in Duluth with the Golden Stars. 1-2-3 Score!

Thursday March 29th I’ll be in Chicago for a continuing education course and a change to visit Nancy and family.

Sunday April 1st we are off the Florida to visit Deb’s aunt to celebrate Passover and have a vacation together. We’re planning on visiting the Buschgardens and go to Orlando to visit Wendy a fellow Ride for the Roses rider I met last year.

April 20-22nd another Hockey-tournament, this one is in Blain. Stick-it to Breast cancer!
What a way to have a fundraiser and awareness booster for all women and girls interested in ice-hockey!

April 24th, my B-day.

Sunday April 29th is my brother’s B-day and the first ride of the season. The Ironman bike ride here in Minnesota, I’m planning to do the 100 miles ride, will I be in shape in time? I’m the team captain for the Velo Bella team and we are trying to get at least 10 members in this team. So if you are interested please let me know!

Sunday May 13th, Mother’s day! How to better celebrate than with a 5 mile run or walk! Time for the Race for the cure her in Minnesota. I’m the team captain for the BCAA/TEAM Survivor team, if you are interested in joining this team please go to http://www.racecure.org/site3.aspx and register under the BCAA/ TEAM Survivor Twin Cities team. It doesn’t matter if you are a survivor or not so please invite friends and family to join us!

May 16 is LIVESTRONG DAY, I’m still playing with ideas how to celebrate this. Any ideas out there?

June 25th my dad turns 70, so I’ll be of to the Netherlands to celebrate.

July 8th it’s time for the TEAM Survivor Triathlon, will our team grow again from last year?

August 16th the big fundraiser for the BCAA; the Breast Party in town. Go to BCAAMN.org for more info.

September 27th; I’ll be going to Portland OR to ride in the LIVESTRONG Challenge, celebrating 6 years cancer free! My goal is to get as many people involved as possible in the FIGHT AGAINST CANCER. This year I’m asking you to donate 6 dollars to the Lance Armstrong foundation. One dollar for each year I am a survivor. (A bigger donation will of course not be turned down!) I’m also asking you to spread the word and ask your family and friends to join the fight and donate in my name.
Donate on line at http://portland07.livestrong.org/sisfiets

October 6th: The 6th annual Breast Cancer Awareness Conference here in Minneapolis.

This is all that I’ve got on the schedule right now. Please join me in person at a ride or race or help me fundraise and spread the word. We need to continue to fight against cancer because too many people are still dying from this disease and their fights are an inspiration for me. I’m a survivor and plan on being one for a long time to come!


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