6 years cancer free, please donate $6 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation!

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Time to fundraise!

This is the letter I recently send to all my American friends to ask for support for my Livestrong Challenge

Hi Everybody,

I’m writing you with a new request to sponsor me during my 100 miles LIVESTRONG Challenge in Portland OR on September 29th 2007.

This year I am celebrating 6 years cancer free by asking you to donate 6 dollars (or more of course) to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

One of the many highlights of my ride last year was the 100 miles LIVESTRONG Challenge in Austin. It was amazing how many people were out there on their bikes riding for all different reasons. Survivors, family members, care givers or people just inspired by Lance to go out and do something to join the fight against cancer!
It was great to talk to different riders and be supported to ride my best ever time for 100 miles by strangers who volunteered to pull me forward in a nice pace line. A feeling I can compare to my days when I was fighting my cancer and friends and family were there to support me.

This year is not without hurdles for me, which is one of the reasons that my fundraising is off to a late start.
I’ve been having some problems with attacks similar to the ones that were the reason to take my gallbladder out in April 2003. Last April I had 3 attacks in 1 week and decided to have it checked out. They found a cyst on the gallbladder duct, which might be causing all this. One option is to have surgery to take is out which means 5 days in the hospital and 4-6 weeks home from work.
My intuition is telling me not to go with the surgery and I have learned about 6 years ago to listen to this little voice inside. So I’ve set up another visit with the surgeon to discuss other options, maybe an endoscopy to look at things from the insight.

Stay informed on my BLOG; http://sisfiets.blogspot.com , I promise to update my BLOG when I have more news.

On the brighter side of life, my last cancer check-ups are all nice and clear. The last MRI and mammogram and visit with Dr Redding where good. I celebrated 6 years cancer free on June 14th in the Netherlands with my family. The official reason for this trip was to celebrate my dad’s 70th birthday, which we did by playing tourist in Amsterdam with the whole family. It was great!

I’m doing well staying in shape by running. I’ve got a 10 km run scheduled on September 8th to support the Cancer Foundation at Methodist hospital. Riding my bike to work and getting extra miles in the weekend. A few weeks ago I rode my first bike-race, a team time trail with my team the Velo Bellas, which hurt so good!

And of course the LIVESTRONG Challenge at the end of September for which I’m asking your support!
My donation website is http://portland07.Livestrong.org/sisfiets, you can make the donation online or print a donation form and send in a check.

The Lance Armstrong foundation empowers the cancer community to address the unmet needs of cancer survivors. Please refer to http://www.Livestrong.org for more information on this great organization.
Thank you very much in advance for your continuing support.

Live strong!



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