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Thursday, April 13, 2006

all good

Finally the medical week is over. All good news! Counting down my Zoladex injections only 2 more after today! The end of my hormone therapy will be December 31st this year. Maybe that will be the end of hotflashes and other not so wonderfull side effects.
So how did I get the idea to ride the Livestrong Challenge. When I was in the middle of my treatment bold and misserable I read Lance Armstrong's book "It's not about the bike". The way he approuched his cancer felt very familliar. Don't sit down in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, but go out and fight back!
My activity in week one after chemo was walking around Leiden with my mom every night. Or walking to the grocery-store and getting stuf for dinner so one of my friends visiting that night could cook me dinner. In week 2 and 3 it was better, but limitted compaired to normal.
I heard about the Ride for the Roses at that time and set myself a goal: get better and participate!
So here I am planning my Ride to participate in the Ride, or Livestrong challenge. To be invited to the official Ride for the Roses you have to raise a certain amount of money.
Ran today, did a little hill training. But tomorrow I'll be able to ride to work. 10 miles each way, good warm up for bigger things.
Ride with fun!


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