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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Back to reality!

Today is workday 8 in a row, only 2 to go before I get a nice 3 day weekend at home. September 9th-10th was the last weekend I sort of spent at home. Sort of because I rode my first 100 miles bike ride that Saturday.
The living room still looks like a bomb went off and spread all my stuff around. My bike is still in the box, ready to be put back together. I should be able to do that this weekend, because I want to do some riding.
I did start riding to work again on Sunday and it feels great to be back paddling! I sure hope I’ll be able to keep this up for a while this winter, if it doesn’t get to cold to fast.
Yesterday I went for a run wearing shorts because it wasn’t to cold! That was until about halfway it started hailing! It’s a little different than in Texas, how am I going to keep my tan up?
This evening it was time for dry land training out of Floyd’s garage. It was good to see that Floyd is doing better after his health scare. I asked him if he’ll help me get in some bike racing next summer and he said yes. I really feel bike riding is my thing and think it would be fun to do some races to keep me motivated and have something to train for.


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