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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Meeting Lance, Friday 10/13/06

I met Erik at the airport where I arrived 1 hour late on Thursday night. We grabbed a taxi and drove to the Hyatt hotel on the south side off the river in downtown.
On quick beer at the bar and Erik was ready to crash after being up for more than 24 hours.
We had a good night sleep and started Friday off with a great Mexican breakfast “las Manitas” a wonderful place that should stay downtown Austin.
Than it was time to collect our bikes, we first walked to the bike store where Erik rented his and got set up quickly. Back at the hotel, I called a taxi to get to Cathy’s house to pick up my bike and Erik changed the seat on his bike. Thanks Cathy for storing my bike and giving me some good riding advice.
We did a 40 km easy ride in the afternoon, to see if Erik’s bike was good to go and get my legs back to paddling. After being sick since Tuesday my lungs are not optimal but it’s good enough.
The evening was filled with the welcome diner at the Salt Lick a famous BBQ place 20 miles from downtown Austin. Once there we had an opportunity to play washers and horse-shoe (Holland-USA 11-9!), take a picture with a real longhorn cow and meet all of the other top fundraisers. We had 2 CCC tables and I was happy to see Jim attending the dinner, you rock Jim!
I overcame all my shyness and walked up to Lance and got a second to shake his had and introduce myself, telling him I was from the Netherlands. At the moment I asked him if he spoke any Dutch the speeches started so I had to get back to my seat! But Erik got the picture and I got my handshake!
After dinner it was time for speeches with MC Bob Roll, whom had some very funny stories about the early years of the Ride for the Roses, which used to be a race for 2 dozen roses sponsored by Lance.
Lance also spoke and encouraged every body to please keep doing what we are doing, keep cancer on the front page.
Linda, Lance’s mom also spoke, about young Lance and how proud she was of her son. She reminded us that if you don’t ask you’ll always have No for an answer.
It was a great evening and I’m ready for tomorrow, the autograph session.


  • At 8:36 PM, Anonymous Edina Housewife said…

    Great picture of you with Lance...who ever said you were shy? Know you will enjoy it all. Have a great a ride Bike Girl! See you when you return to Minnesota.

    Got this schedule off the LAF website:
    Ride for the Roses Weekend will be comprised of the following events:

    Welcome reception (Friday, 7:00 pm)
    Private, yellow jersey level ride for those over $30,000 (Saturday, 9:00 am)

    Autograph session for those over $20,000 Go Annemiek!(Saturday, 5:00 pm)

    Private reception for top 15 fundraisers (Saturday, 6:00 pm)

    Awards dinner (Saturday, 6:00 pm)

    Ride (Sunday beginning at 7:30 am)

    Post-Event Party (Sunday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm)

    Lance will attend the Ride for the Roses.

  • At 3:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    lieve Annemiek,
    wat kan ik meer zeggen dan dat ik overloop van trots....
    dikke kus!

  • At 7:32 AM, Anonymous Judith said…

    Hej Annemiek

    Super, meid, dat je je target gehaald hebt! Hoop dat het fietsen ook allemaal goed gaat. Laat je even wat weten voor in onze nieuwsbrief??? Is wel leuk om daar te laten weten dat je zo veel bij elkaar gefietst!!

    Succes nog en tot mails!


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