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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Marathon of Hope 10 km run

This morning started early for a Saturday. I had to get up to meet Jasey and Jamie at Lake Calhoen for the Marathon of Hope run. The weather couldn't be more perfect, sunny but still cool with just a little breeze.
Getting there we figured out that the race didn't start at 8am but 8.45am so we had plenty of time to get our picture taken and get our race-stuff.
Then it was time to get going, there goes the buzzer, and off we go! We started out the 3 of us for the first round around the lake and had a good pace going. Short sleeves was the way to go because we warmed up within the first kilometer.
Jamie was done after 1 lap (5km) so it was just Jasey and I for the second one. We were both getting hungery but the tought of the double chocolat muffin we put in the trunk of the car kept us going strong. Only 200 meters to go we realized that my goals of finishing within the hour was still possible! A little sprint and done! In 59 minutes and 40 seconds, Nice!
The best part was that next to the muffins they had ice-cream! It's great to excercise so you can eat.
After the run we had to wait a while for the raffle prizes, Jamie won a sonic-care toothbrush. While Jasey got a back massage and I eat yet another ice-cream! Then the pictures were ready and we got our copies and called it a day.
Thanks Ladies for running with me, it was fun!
The fundraiser total was over $19,000 for the Park Nicollet Cancer Center Foundation.


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