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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Saturday October 7th

Sleeping in or at least staying in bed was a nice treat this morning.
Nancy called at 10.15 to be picked up from the airport, so Deb and I got in the car and drove to pick her up. We circled around once and than decided to park the car and find Nancy inside.
Back at the hotel we decided it was time to get some lunch and get ready to go to the LIVESTRONG Village. So we packed everybody in the car and drove to downtown Austin finding the parking garage with only 1 Texas u-turn needed.
We had lunch outside at a sports bar and I enjoyed a Fat tire beer and hamburger to really get into the TX spirit. It was only 2 blocks from the conference center where the ride package pick-up. Inside we met up with Mike and Fred from the CCC and soon after this I was interviewed by the local NBC station about my ride to Austin. (We did see the result on the evening news and it is weird to see and especially hear your self on TV).
Than it was time to go and get my ride number, 2219 my lucky number. We collected all the free water bottles, bags, pictures with Lance’s picture, kinesio-tape for Nancy and Deb and some LIVESTRONG wear for Lance to sign next week. I also got the jersey for collecting more than $7500, very nice.
After this it was time to get some coffee for the troops and then there was just enough time to drive by the starting point for the Challenge.
Then back to the hotel and change before the pasta diner. Even though officially I was only allowed to invite 1 person, Colleen from the LAF was nice enough to call me and invite my whole fan-club present for the ride.
It was a great Pasta Party with Lance himself and all 3 kids present. The prices for different achievements were given out and all the top fundraisers were acknowledged.
It was great that we all got the chance to be there together!
My dad’s evening was made when he got to keep the LIVESTRONG-balloons!
Back at the hotel it was time to go to bed and get some sleep before getting up at 5.45 am to get to the ride on time.


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