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Friday, October 06, 2006

Day 16

A sad day because it was time to say goodbye to Peet, I’ll miss her a lot supporting me, riding with me, celebrating life with me and organizing free hotel rooms and extra donations for me. Thanks Peet!
Thanks Connie and Wendy for your hospitality, we sure enjoyed staying with you and it was good to see y’all.
After the goodbye we set off to meet Vicky at the bike store where we left the extra bike and packed up V’s. A quick hello and goodbye to Kenny and South to Hillsboro we drove. Around 10.30 V and I finally got on our bikes riding towards Lake Whitney. Riding over the dam, we both were surprised about the beauty of the lake and wondering why we never seen it before. We planned for lunch in Crawford but because we had only been riding for 40 minutes V decided we couldn’t stop yet! She’s a tough coach, but her yelling at me to get serious about the training sure paid off during this trip.
So lunch ended up in McGregor in the shade next to a gas station.
The rest of the miles were done at the same 17m/h pace which brought us into Temple around 5pm with a total of 80 miles and total riding time 4h and 40 minutes.
Mom and I jumped in the pool at the hotel while V did a quick shopping trip to the bike store from some new gloves.
Dinner at the Texas Steakhouse was good, including normal size steaks for mom and dad.
Ready for bed because tomorrow we’ll be heading to the Capitol in Austin. I can’t believe this is the last leg of this journey. Good thing I’ve got 2 more 100 miles to go, the LIVESTRONGChallenge and then the Ride for the Roses!


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