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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Day 15

Riding around White Rock Lake!
An early start of the day, to try and meet Richard at the beginning of Whit Rock Lake trail for a bike ride the equivalent of Plano to Waxahachie.
But before I was ready to take off I had to publish my last request for fundraising on my BLOG because $20,000 was within reach!
Peet dropped me of a little late but luckily for me Richard was still waiting for me and after a few quick pictures it was time to ride. During the ride on the trail some spots did bring back some vague memories from the time that I lived her in Dallas and I went roller-blading on the trail. We met up with Becky at the lake and after a quick repair were ready to ride, round and around.
It’s nice to for a change ride against the wind knowing that in a little bit you’ll have the wind in the back! We talked a lot about riding, Dallas and life in general and sometimes were just quiet and enjoying the perfect weather. In lap 3 Becky unexpectedly hit the pavement due to a complicated indescribable unfortunate series of events! Or was it just the fact that she had a flat front tire? Luckily she landed with her head on the grass and didn’t have too much damage to herself or her bike. The flat was fixed with some good teamwork and Becky was ready to ride again. (I know she’s very excited that she’s mentioned in my BLOG)
At the end of loop 3 Becky had to leave to pick up her son and Richard and I continued on riding around. I called Peet during our bathroom/refill break and the Team was on their way. We met up just as we started our 5th lap around and decided they would find a picnic spot and the 2 of us would finish our lap.
Lunch was great and it was wonderful that Richard was able to hang around and talk for a bit. Thanks Richard and Becky for riding with me, it was a pleasure to be in your company.
Now it was time for Peet to get out her new helmet and try out the Chamois Butt’r and work on her tan. We had a quick round, still counting; number 6, and noticed that the wind was slowly picking up. Peet did convince herself during this ride that wearing a helmet is a good thing and she sure looked good with her new one.
The last round was for mom, we turned around and rode the other direction, which was like seeing a whole new lake. We stopped for some bird watching and mom improved on her bike mounting technique, lying the bike down on the ground, stepping over the frame and than picking the bike back up. It is fun to watch and a lot safer than her trying to stand on a park bench trying to swing her leg over the tall frame.
Peet got in contact with Connie and after packing up the bikes we were off to find the house. This turned out more complicated than expected but eventually with help from Wendy, we were picked up at the gas station and followed Connie home.
We settled in quickly and dinner plans were made to pick-up Tai food and eat at home. When shopping in Target for wine and beer Wendy told a friend of her about my trip and he donated money right there in the store. That’s the first time I leave a store with more money than I came in with! Thanks Clint and Kevin for the donation.
The evening we spend with Connie and Wendy’s “buren” Adriaan and Augie, who brought some great Dutch treats from their store.
When I checked my LIVESTRONGChallenge website before going to bed I found out that I actually hit the $20,000 mark, thanks Jus for pushing me over! Now I just need to figure out what to ask Lance!


  • At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Becky said…

    "due to a complicated indescribable unfortunate series of events!" HA! I couldn't possibly have worded it any better. Thanks : )

    I'm so glad I was able to do those few laps with you. Can't think of any better way to celebrate your 5 years than on a bike - congratulations!

    Best of luck on your remaining miles to Austin. Enjoy this trip's finale down there, too.

    take care, Becky


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