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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Ride for the Roses in the Netherlands

Ride for the Roses in Groningen, the Netherlands August 18th 2007

A report by Eva (13 y.o.) and Else (11 y.o.), my 2 nieces who rode 50 km on their one-speed bikes.

First we had to get up (way to) early.
Luckily we had a non-nausea-causing car so we were able to have food. (explanation: My brother doesn’t own a car and rents one when needed, my nieces easily get carsick because they’re not used to cars)
After we arrived we had to wait very long until daddy was able to start.
But it was very impressive to see the long ribbon of cyclists passing through for 30 minutes.
After daddy finally left we had to wait even longer before we finally got going after first standing in this bikers traffic-jam. We made it to the first check point (they had to get a stamp at each checkpoint) where it was again very busy (not to crazy if you have the checkpoints for the 25 and 50 km at the same spot!).
But we were eventually able to ride at a nice speed, about 20 km/h. It was funny that during the ride you see all these guys in their professional outfits on their expensive bikes and we are passing them without any problems!
We did see daddy again when the 100 km group crossed our route, we had to wait 30 minutes again to let them pass!
But we made it and did so in a good time!
It was a lot of fun and we want to ride again next year! I didn’t like that we missed the tomato and rose, because daddy didn’t want to stand in line and we had to go home right away.

We participated in the Ride because we want to support those who have cancer and for people that lost a friend or family member to cancer. And of course for you!
Me (Eva) also rode for Anita, the mother of my friend Renske, who also had cancer.
We were lucky they told us it was OK for us (Eva and Else) to ride because we didn’t register officially. (Grandpa called the organizers and got permission for the girls to ride)


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