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Sunday, April 16, 2006

always wear a helmet

I was reminded today that accidents happen way to easy. Riding home from work, letting the wind push me homewards. I had to cross a 4 lane wide street with 2 way traffic. I slowed down and the 2 cars on my side stopped for me. I crossed when no cars were to close at the other side. But after I crossed and was speeding up again I heard a car braking and a crashing sound. I stopped turned around and saw the bikerider behind me had been hit by a car! He was on the street, people running to help him. I waited a little than drove on, but decided to turn around after 150 meters and see if I could help. I just needed to calm down before facing this.
The bikerider was being held to the ground because he was confused and not responding to any questions. The worst thing was that he didn't wear a helmet and had blood coming out of both ears! The police arrived within 5 minutes followed by the firedepartment and finally the ambulance. The bikerider was strapped on a backboard and placed in a neck collar with great difficultie because he was still fighting everybody.
An other bikerider saw the guy being hit and he told his story to the police. The car stopped and the driver was being questioned by the police.
There is a stopsign for us bikeriders and because it's not a pedestrian crossing cars don't have to stop. But it sure is a place to pay a lot of attention!
We as bikeriders need to take responsibility and take all precautions that we can. But it sure would be nice if cars would start seeing bikes! Together we should be able to make the streets safer for all.
I'm going to send my family and friends reminders to wear a helmet. It's not the cool thing to do in the Netherlands were I'm from, but today was a little to close even for my comfort.
Als-je-blieft draag een helm en kijk goed uit! De autoos hebben zeker niet altijd voorrang maar ze winnen vaak als het auto tegen fiets is.
Thanks for reading my attempt to make sense of this day.


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