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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Power out!

Today started beautifully!
Riding my shiny bike, wind in the back, it's all good!
The day at work was a little rough to say the least. So riding back against the wind was a great way to loose all the bad energy.
Back home I was just sitting on the couch watching Ellen (previously taped) and all of a sudden nothing but a black screen! So what's a girl to do? 1) I could take a nap, but than I wouldn't be able to sleep later. Or 2) a could go to the gym and swim, will I ever learn free-style?
And than there is the fact that I've been bugging my co-worker that she needs to show up for swimming. I can't not show up because than tomorrow will be an other tough day at work listening to her!
I'm also training to do my second Danskin Triathlon in July with TEAM-survivor. Last year we had 3 Minneapolis survivors participating but this year we're growing hoping for 5 or 6 women. It's a fantastic way to go out and have fun and exercise on the site. (See the www.danskin.com for more info)
I hope I haven't lost any of you with my random thoughts of the day.
Now the lights are back on and lightning is flashing outside.
Hope I can ride tomorrow.


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