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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day 6

We got up to face a bus full of senior citizens at the continental breakfast. Then it was out of town trying to find the 371 towards Kansas City.
The ride was a short one because we had to drive to St Joseph last night to find a hotel. So at 11.30 am I had 40km in my legs and we arrived at Platte City, north of Kansas City and put the bike on the car to get safely to our hotel. The InterContinental Kansas City provided us with one free night and 2 rooms with a discount for Sunday night when my parents will be here.
When we unpacked the car I noticed my front tire was flat, I’m very happy that didn’t happen when I was flying down yet another hill this morning. Time to put the new outer tube on and fix the flat.
We had lunch and celebrated a very belated birthday for Peet, but better late than never!
The 75th annual art fair is going on this weekend right below our window so we can enjoy free music; let’s hope they stop before bedtime. We did walk around to look at the art until my quads decided that strolling is not a good plan after riding your bike for 6 days.
I did pick up my free LIVESTRONG survivorship notebook at the Discovery store this afternoon. A nice binder with way more info than I’m willing to read at this time, but will safe for after I get back home.
Dinner was Sushi at the place to be on the Plaza, good stuff!
Now back in the hotel and ready to rest, no free WIFI here.


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