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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jesse James 100 miles

Saturday morning 5.30am, the alarm goes off, Why? Then I remembered today was the day to ride my first 100 miles bikeride, the Jesse James ride in Northfield MN.
I had to go and pick up Nancy around 6am so we would be at the start before 8am, all this on the weekend!
After a short delay for a later very important I.D. we were on the road heading South. We found our way around the detour by following the other cars with bikes and had a quick breakfast of cranberry scones (delicious) and hot chocolate and coffee.
It was cold and windy so we decided to wear our windbrakers and long sleeved jersey or arm-warmers. We payed our entry fee and after one more bathroom break we checked out the sponsor tables. At one of them a friendly young man told me everything on the table was free, yes even that bike tools bottle opener! He even offered to keep the free kids bike helmets he gave me for my Silent Auction next week.
Than it was time to get going, Nancy was planning on riding the 100 miles in 6 hours or so! Going into the wind starting of was not to bad at least when also going up hill, because the hill blocked the wind. Who ever said that Minnesota is flat didn't visit this part of the state! Nice rolling hills covered in feed-corn and soybeans reminding me of the North of France.
We skipped rest-stop 1 only 10 miles into the ride but were happy to see #2 because it was time for a bathroom brake. Who would have thought I would ever by happy to see a porter-potty! After filling up with small snack size candy bars and other sweets we were on the road again. The wind made my windbraker flap loudly which made it hard to keep up a conversation or keep track on who was or was not behind me. We sometimes teamed up with other to form a little train fighting the wind on the flats. It sure felt like the old days, riding my bike to school as a kid when it often seemed that you were riding against the wind both ways.
The sun tried to break through the clouds for a short while around midday but that wasn't more than a little tease. I was never able to take of my windbraker and show of my CCC longsleeve jersey that Jim gave me to wear!
We visited every reststop, many to use the restroom (that might be a little to fancy description of the porter-potty) and eat more mini-candy bars. After reststop #4 we started discussing our after finish beers and burgers, because we longed for something salty. The last miles brought more flats with wind and one more long hill and, Oh I couldn't let those guys making smart remarks about us chasing them to the Twin Cities, beat me up this one. See you later Nancy! It' was a good feeling to find out that my legs are ready for my adventure, hills and wind I can handle it all!
We crossed the finish in 7 hours and 40 minutes, not bad for a windy day. Cheers to my first 100 mile ride, only 2 to go and yes also about 1100 miles to TX.
We changed into warmer clothing and took off in search for a burger and beers, we found them at Appelbee's, good thing we went back for the I.D.!
When I got home Deb treated me to a massage and my lights were out at 10pm, it was a good day!


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