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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bella Bill

Saturday was the day for the long ride but it wasn't easy to get motivated to go. I called Floyd but he was getting ready for the inline marathon on Sunday. Luckily Steve was ready to ride and we started in Plymouth at his house, thanks Deb for droping me off. We took off to the North and West and Steve started telling me where we were going but as I told him I would forget fast. So we switched to talking about our favorite books, movie, the seperation of goverment and religion and ice-hockey. He took me to General Mill headquarters to see an amazing sculpture of the contour of a man.
After 35 miles we said our goodbye's, my long ride only started. I decided to go around the Lakes starting at Cedar all the way to Lake Nokomis, am I at 80 miles yet? No, so via Ford Snelling across the Mississippi to hwy 13 up to St Paul. Down Smith Ave to Shepard road following the Mississippi to Minneapolis, am I there yet? No, but almost, so I went up to 8th Ave NE and back down on the West side on the River Parkway. Home sweet home after 83 miles in about 6.5 hours with a short brake to get a diet Coke and cookie at Lake Calhun.
Sunday morning we went to the Renaissance festival Minnesota. Now there is a place for people watching. It's fascinating to see peolpe completely dressed up in costumes of an era never existed in this country.
Back home it was time to take a quick time to relax before going on a ride with the Velo Bella's, a group of women rides who promised a nice Sunday afternoon group ride. I signed the release form and took off to the meeting place: Minnetonka Blvd under 494, be there 15 minutes early! Riding out there took me less time than expected so I got there 25 minutes early. Nobody there as expected, then I saw 2 women riding by (on of them wearing a Velo Bella shirt) but they didn't stop. Was I supposed to jump on my bike and chase them?! I choose to wait and at 5 minutes before 5 a Bella joint me, his name was Bill!! I gues you cann't be picky when it comes to Bellas.
We waited until 10 after 5 and decided to go for a ride which lasted until Bill got 2 flat tires in a row and called it quits and his wife to pick him up.
I rode back home via the Cedar trail and finished 41 miles, less than expected, but it was time for a beer!
We had diner in St Paul and my need for beer was filled with a Blue Moon.


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