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Thursday, August 17, 2006

A good day, for a rainy day!

6.00 am the alarm goes off, I’m wondering why it’s still sort off dark outside? Is it because the summer is ending or because it’s cloudy? The answer: a little of the first but much more of the later.
Ready to get up and go for a run so I can get my 30 minutes in before work.
Halfway through the rain starts but it doesn’t hurt my run, it’s nice
After a shower and breakfast it was time to jump on my bike and ride to work. Luckily the rain stopped long enough for me to get there dry.
It’s good to be back in the PT gym, I’ve got a good group of challenging patients who keep me busy and thinking. I’m starting to learn about the Lite-gait a new piece off equipment we just got this year. I like that after 14 years I still learn new skills and surely enjoy my job.
I got finally get to leave early today so that made the day even better. I rode by Hoigaard’s a local out-door store to ask for help with a donation or item for the silent auction. They gave me the name of the responsible person and advised me to write a letter to her.
At home I grabbed my gym bag and drove to the “Y”, I know that sort of doesn’t make sense, but he Blondie needs a little action once in a while!
At the gym I rode the bike a little more than the stair-master and weights.
Back home Deb made diner with shrimp and couscous salad, mmmm lekker!
Than I wrote and send letter to Wells Fargo and Hoigaard’s, let’s keep our fingers crossed.
I hope my coach is happy with my work-out day. Now I just need to increase the distance off my weekend rides!


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