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Monday, September 04, 2006


It's just an other Monday, at work. The day started of well because I found another therapist that was able to do cardiac rehab so I could be in the gym and do my "lead" duties. It was a lot better day than Saturday, everything moving along the way it should. Resulting in an early leave for everybody, PT's leaving before OT's I don't think that ever happened during a holiday I worked.
The weather cleared up during the day so my ride home was nice. Deb and I did a little photo sesion with my new CCC gear, taking advantage of the nice weather. Than I went for a nice run while listening to a book on tape, much better than music. Since I speed up and slow down with the beat of the music.
I can't believe it's only 2 weeks before I'm leaving! I should start packing and getting ready, because I'll be working the weekend before I leave to be able to use my OWE days for my ride. It's been a lot of planning to get all the days of, working extra holidays, using the weekend compensation days and all my vacation days. One of my collegues offered to donate a day off but that was not possible, bummer!
My nieces are planning a fundraiser for my trip, but they are not telling me what they're doing. I'm getting very curious?!


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