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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Day 14

Durant-McKinney 123 km-76 miles
Today started with breakfast in our room with hot tea, juice, bread with cheese or jelly. Because of the warm weather the plan was for mom to ride the first hour turning into 20km where dad took over. We turned east for a while and the wind helped us along to make a good speed. There was the Red River and before we knew it we were in Texas, picture time!
Peet changed into her riding gear and after a quick snack we were ready to go. The road let us through Bonham onto hwy 121 a busier road with nice wide shoulders. Then my phone started ringing and Else was calling me, wondering what I was doing! I also got to talk to Eva who reported that high school is going well and Erik who was wondering how fast I was riding. He is training to ride the Ride for the Roses with me in 2 weeks.
Lunch was on the curb at a gas station in Trenton, more bread, grapes and cola light, that’s what I call a power lunch!
A few more miles to go to McKinney and I was done for today. Total 76 miles at least according to my speedometer, I sure hope this thing it accurate!! I have left a lot of confused cows behind riding all this way.
We are staying at the Best Western hotel in Plano and just had a wonderful diner.
Luna de Noche: a very nice and new for us since leaving Texas, Mexican restaurant.
Now the laundry is going and it’s time for some relaxing TV-watching.
Tomorrow an extra day off because we are ahead of schedule, nice. I just need to get to stationary bike for the 15 miles I missed today!


  • At 11:13 PM, Anonymous Janet said…

    That would a nice ride pleasant and beautiful. I wish I could join.

  • At 6:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Annemiek, I was reading the message a few days ago written by someone named Kirby. He sounds like a real smart guy. I assume he's your boss at work. As I used to tell Sheryl many times; Your work should be your number one priority. This CPM (whatever it is) sounds really important, so, I think you should turn around and go home. Thanks for the effort. Maybe next year.


  • At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Annemiek, I am tracking you the whole way. It is almost like riding with you without doing the work. Your doing fabulous it is very inspiring to be able to hear about your journey. You are on the home stretch can't wait to read more from you. See you soon. Take care Kim(golden stars)


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