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Friday, April 21, 2006

friday night hockey

It's the end of the season, but one more tournament. I started playing ice-hockey last summer. Thinking when in Minnesota do as the Minnesotans!
I've had a blast throughout some wins and even more losses. My team the Golden Stars is a great group of very different women, just going out and trying to win the race to the puck! We hear what our coach says but don't seem to be able to remember as soon as we hit the ice. But win or loose, ther's always the question where are we going afterwards?
Well tonight was an other great friday night game, winning 3-1. We're playing in the Stick-it to Breast cancer tournament. It's a 80 teams, different divisions 3 day event, great fun. A wonderfull way to get peolpe involved and informed about Breast cancer. 2 more games to go! Let's hope for the best, our Saterday and Sunday records aren't as good.

Just a quick update on Thursday, I got really wet on my way back home from work. it started out with just a few sprinkles but before I knew it it was pooring down! Raining cats and dogs as a good English-men would say! I stopped under a bridge halfway home. But just standing there I was getting colder and finally decided I should just suck it up and ride!
( I must say, I did skip my master swimming-class)
This weekend the weather should be good, so I'm going riding!


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