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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

It's a beautifull day!

First a few answers on questions from friends and family.
The LIVESTRONG Challenge is on October 8th in Austin TX. I'll be leaving Minneapolis MN on September 18th.
I'll be the only one riding the whole let's say 1400 miles. My parents will be following in "Blondie" the golden Honda. Then several friends will hopefully be able to ride parts of my ride with me. It's nice to be able to count on friends in sad and happy times of your life.
I set my fundraiser amount for $5,000 for right now but secretly hope that I'll be able to raise $15,000 so I'll be invited to "the Ride of the Roses"the origional Lance Armstrong ride.
So I better get going on the fundraising!

My B-day was great, a few friends came over after work. Despite a cold wind and dark clouds the BBQ was going strong and so was Matt helping grilling the burgers. Inside the food was fantastic. Ceasar salad, cucumber sala, potato salade, bacon/cheese and more for on the burgers even fries and a grilled cheese for Dylan. Life is good, ice-cream and a B-day cake with candles (see picture)

As B-day gifts I started receiving donations on my LIVESTRONG donation site. Thanks Sydney and Debbie. The cat on the picture is Zev.

Today Deb and I enjoyed the wonderful weather with a practice run for the Tri in July.
Eating left-overs and shining bikes. Or at least cleaning the chains from sand and grease after last weeks rain.
Tomorrow I'll ride again to work!
The tulips on the table are blooming, now it's time for their outside cousins to join them!
Ride with a smile!


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