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Sunday, April 23, 2006

4th place in the tournament

It's the end of the weekend, so soon! This weekend I played with my hockey team in the Stick-it to Breast Cancer tournament and we finished the hockey season with another 4th place finish. It was great to see girls and women of all ages playing the sport they love and raising money and awarness!
It was also great to see everybody again, all put in a fantastic effort. Maybe next year we'll be able to play according to Mark's plan. Don't forget the home-work ladies! Practice shooting the puck.
Getting home I found wonderful orange tulips on the table. An early happy birthday from my love!
Enjoying the weather I went out for a run, but that wasn't as lovely as the weather. I just didn't have a long run in me so instead I played a game: use the stopsigns to stop sprinting or walking., hopefully this will help me get a little faster for my triathalon in July.
Now i'm back on the couch, plaing with the computer. I just figured out how to send an evite! (At least I hope I did!)
Inviting my friends for an silent auction when I'm in the Netherlands in 2 weeks.
Yes, I'm getting excited about going home and seeing everybody again. It's been since August that I set foot in the motherland.
One more night to sleep!


  • At 2:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hoi Sis,
    Heerlijk de dagelijkse dingen zo te kunnen lezen. Nieuwsgierig als altijd. Ik zal ik de toekomst vaak kijken op de site.
    Succes met de voorbereidingen en misschien zien we elkaar even als je in NL bent.
    Groetjes Wies


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