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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day 8

Sunday was my first rest day, so planned to sleep in! But around 7.15 am I was wide-awake and ready to get up. Peet did a little better job sleeping while I changed my outer tube and cleaned my bike.
We had brunch and then were off to the Mall, shoe shopping. No results but we did have a good time. Than we were on our way to find a bike store, for a quick tune up, but no luck here either, the stores were closed.
Off to the airport to pick up my parents, finally some good result. They were waiting at the curb for us, ready to go.
The late afternoon we spend in the sculpture garden of Nelson Atkins Museum, which was very pleasant because the weather has turned warm and the sculptures were interesting.
We enjoyed diner at the Sidewalk Café and then turned in early.
Today we packed up the car, and took of the find a grocery store for breakfast and lunch items. The weather was beautiful and I was ready to ride again.
Kansas City- Garnett 132km (including a few km extra because the navigator in the car was to busy talking with the driver!) A nice ride south parallel to the state line to a small town called Amsterdam. We had to stop and take some pictures, see results. Than we crossed into Kansas and the wind! We had lunch in the city park of LaCygne and Peet changed into her bike outfit! She bought her shirt at the silent auction last week!
It was great to have company again on the road and we made good progress riding 30 km together. The last 20km I was on my own again but with the hills less frequent I finished up quickly.
Peet had jet again arranged a free hotel room, this time at the Garnett Inn Suites. A brand new hotel in Garnett, with very nice rooms!
After a little relaxation time and a shower we drove to town to find restaurant where we had a pleasant diner.
No WIFI at the hotel so you read this story later.


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