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Friday, May 19, 2006

Can I still call this Chemo-brain?

This week has been a rough on when it comes to remembering numbers. I got up an hour early on Monday because I seemed to have forgotten how to tell time. I thought it was 6.45 am instead of 5.45 am as I figured out after I got up and was preparing my breakfast.
Arriving at work and ready to go I was stopped dead in my tracks. I tried to log into the medical system to do my charges only to realize that I forgot my password. So I had to make the call of shame to the technical support people to help me out. Even worse was that I had to call again because I was also locked out an other system even though I knew that password.
The rest of the week went OK, until yesterday evening when I finally dragged myself to the gym to go swimming. After yet an other brake of a month or so, I need to get into the pool because I have a Triathlon to participate in. Ready to go, one foot in my swimsuit I realized I completely forgot my combination of my lock. That was enough to get a hot flash, mood swing and reason to go back home and open up a beer!
So can I call that chemo brain?

The story might have a happy ending. I did find the lock makers website where I was able to download a form to request the combination of my lock. They take this very serious because I had to get the form notarized! Good thing I can get that done for free at work because the lock cost me only a few bucks.

Now it’s weekend! Time to catch up, clean up and make more fundraiser plans! Hopefully I’ll also be able to ad some miles to my week total of 110 miles so far.
Keep riding!


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