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Monday, May 08, 2006

Life is good

It's finally starting to take shape, the silent auction this comming Thursday in Leiderdorp. It sure is a lot of work, I'm very greatfull for all the wonderfull help I get. Thanks Vera, Jos and Tjitske! Today we worked on an official media report, thank you cards and more items for the auction.
Some new ones are, a framed art picture , a Stairstep machine, potery, an origional painting, a small sculpture and a coaching session. It's so great to have some much support from everybody around me!
In between all the mailing and calling I also have a little time to enjoy my nieces, reading D. Duck in Dutch and going out for lunch with my Sister-in-law.
Great bike weather today, so we used bikes to go to the city and pick the kids up from school. For exercise my Sister-in-law and I went for a 5 k run, not bad at all!


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