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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Back home in Minneapolis

After an early start 6.15 in Leiden the Netherlands it was of to Schiphol to fly back to Minneapolis. My parents and Peet dropped me of saying our goodbyes for now until September. Peet will be my compagny the first 2 weeks of my ride and my parents will join me in the last 2 so overlapping the one in the middle. My dad has figured out that I'll have to ride my bike more likely over 2000 km which is over 1500 miles, I can already feel my seat!
So my next step will be to try and figure out my route any surgestions?
The flight was quiet and smooth, I had time for 3 movies, a little nap and some reading. I bought a book at the airport called: "Komt een vrouw bij de dokter" by Kluun. The report of a mans view about his wife's battle and eventual loss to breast cancer. It's a raw and sometimes it made me angry because of the way he is to me very egocentric in his being self-proclamed "monofobic", something his wife knows but not all. For a person that went through breast cancer it's hard to believe. But I haven't finished the book yet so I'll wait with a full report and opinion on the book.
Now I'm back in Minneapolis, doing laundry, opening mail, shopping and all other things needed to get ready for the week.
It's also a good way to stay awake, because this day is getting very long!
After 10 days of wonderful weather in the Netherlands it's gray and cold here. More rain possible for tomorrow, but I've got hope that I can get to work dry on my bike. I'll worry about getting home later!
On the pictures you see the Feyenoord and Ajax shirts that brought in the highest bids last Thursday and the owners of the restaurant Disgenoten in Leiden, who's 2 person 4 course dinner offer came in third! Thank you everybody again for that wonderful kick-off for my fundraiser!
Ride on! Sis


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