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Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Today is LIVESTRONG Day, what does that mean for me? I feel I had my first LIVESTRONG day about 5 years ago, the day that I heard that I had breast cancer. Do you really have a choice but to LIVESTRONG! I never saw an other option, never saw my breast cancer as a possible death sentence. Going on with life the best I could. One day at the time during my treatment. Sometimes not being able to plan further ahead than what do I want for dinner, on the bad chemo days. Or who will I invite for lunch tomorrow on the good ones. Days turned into weeks and my focus was getting back to work as soon as I was able after the treatment was over (eventhough everybody kept warning me to take my time). But for me a new job also was a chance to be me again and not the cancer patient I had been for all those months. Then my ability to plan ahead changed into months, planning my move back to the US about 1 year after my surgery. Going back to California for a few months to keep my greencard alive and options for the future open. That all changed after the AIDS-ride where I volunteerded as a physical therapist and met my future partner (good thing she was persistent). So I got my Minnesota license and moved to Minneapolis to be with her extending my stay into 4 years and counting. This brings my to my present LIVESTRONG days, planning my bike ride from Minneapolis to Austin TX to participate in the LIVESTRONG Challenge. No day passes without me thinking about my breast cancer in some way shape of form, every day is LIVESTRONG day for me!
Thanks everybody for helping me LIVESTRONG.
Life is good.


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