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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Drafted my Route from Minneapolis to Austin TX

Date Begin End Miles Kilometers
18-Sep Minneapolis, MN Owatonna 64 103
19-Sep Owatonna, MN Mason City 63 101
20-Sep Mason City, IA Kellogg 98 158
21-Sep Kellogg, IA Osceola 67 108
22-Sep Osceola, IA King City 73 118
23-Sep King City, MO Kansas City 69 111
24-Sep rest day
25-Sep Kansas City, KS Garnett 65 105
26-Sep Garnett, KS Oswego 75 121
27-Sep Oswego, KS Locust grove 71 115
28-Sep rest day
29-Sep Locust grove, OK Eufaula 67 109
30-Sep Eufaula, OK Coalgate 56 90
1-Oct Coalgate, OK Sherman 69 112
2-Oct Sherman, TX Plano 41 67
3-Oct Plano, TX Waxahachie 46 74
4-Oct rest in Dallas
5-Oct Waxahachie, TX Crawford 66 107
6-Oct Crawford, TX Cedar Park 77 124
7-Oct Cedar Park, TX Austin, TX 8 14
8-Oct Challenge 100
This is what I worked on today, drafting my route from Minneapolis to Austin TX. Including some restdays to relax or catch up if I didn't make the miles as planned.
I've been able to ride my bike to work the last two days, but I'll have to get serious about training soon for these longer distances!
This weekend I'll work on updating my fundraising money from my account in the Netherlands to my donor website, so I'll be able to thank everybody by name for the donations.
Tomorrow in LIVESTRONG BLOG day, inviting all Bloggers to LIVESTRONG.


  • At 5:57 AM, Anonymous petra said…

    well, it looks like I will 'riding' with you all the way up to Dallas, looking at the draft you made! it is getting more real by the day now!


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