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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot, hot, hot!

So today it was almost a recordbreaking temperature in Minneapolis and I had a ride planned! (97 degrees Fahrenheit is 36 graden celsius) It is also sunday so I didn't want to get up te early to beat the heat!
So I started around 10am and rode 70km. It was also very windy but I got a good route without a lot of headwind.
I found out today that if you follow "the Parkway" you have a 50 miles route on a bikepath, around and in Minneapolis. My route only included part of it, but I'm planning on riding the full "Parkway" soon.
The results of my ride you can see on the picture added, I did use sunscreen on my arms but forgot my legs, oops! Yet another important lesson learned!
After my ride I drove to a local bikestore, Blondie (my car) needed a little exercise at time, and bought a new pair of biking shorts, it's good to have padding.
Then I called my friend Nancy to talk about our upcoming camping trip to Itasca (the headwaters of the Mississippi). It was good times, planning where to pick up the canoe, who will bring the coolers and what will we eat. Then in our closing goodbye I mentioned, we have an other 2 weeks to do any final planning, which Nancy thought was a joke. A joke I ask, not a very good one, but Nancy was thinking our camping trip was next weekend but we made reservations for the week after.
Let's hope Nancy and family will be able to change their plans because we have a tradition to uphold!
Tomorrow I'll work will other have a nice day off, it's Memorial day, but there are still people to be seen in the hospital!


  • At 7:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I hate when I forget to put sunscreen on my legs and I get that shorts tan. You are quite bold to post that shot on the web but then again, you are quite bold to embark on the bike ride you are planning. Good for you. Love, Beth


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