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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


I finally made it to the pool again! This time I made the plan fool proof. 1) take your swim suite to work so you can just ride by the gym on your way home. Because we all know once you sit down on that couch it sucks you in and doesn't let you go!
2) Buy a new lock and remember the combination! So you can actually lock up your stuff and not like last week have to go home without getting into the pool. 3) check the swim schedule! oeps I forgot to do that. thankfully not all Otters (swimteam members at the YWCA) showed up so there was 1/2 a lane open for me to use. After a warm-up I did 800 yards breast stroke to test my readyness for the Tri, 20 minutes not bad!.
The day was wonderfull and warm. 7 days in a row riding to work!


  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Vincent said…

    Ja hallo Petra and Sis,

    Ik lees het toch ook wel hoor. Maar neem alleen niet de tijd om iets te schijven iedere keer dat ik het lees. Je kunt wat ons betreft (ik spreek maar even voor Petra) gerust even lekker in het Nederlands schrijven want we zijn wel trouwe fans vanuit Nederland en San Francisco. Nou dikke kus en we blijven leuk op de hoogte van je avontuur!



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