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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Working in the yard!

Weekend, nothing better than not having to hear the alarm clock go off! I spent this morning trying to get some of those wonderful donations from my silent auction on my LAF fundraiser website (http://LIVESTRONGchallenge.org/06tx/sisfiets) slowly but surely the little red line is going up to the top, or for now at least 1/3 of the way!
Then my friend called to ask if I would help her out in the yard, taking out sod with a sod-cutter. I can’t say no when there are power tools and demolition on the program!
It was a lot of fun, taking of the grass like you are shaving somebody’s head (it might be a good thing, I’m not a hairdresser!, don’t quit your day-job as they say). We got a lot done today, even had time to dig some holes and plant a tree and some hostas. Then it was time for some wonderful ribs and grilled veggies.
No time for a ride today but pushing the wheelbarrow around, lifting rolls of sod and digging should be enough.
Tomorrow I long ride on the program and a short run to get ready for the Tri.
Ride on, Live strong!


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