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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Rain is falling outside! Thunderstorms coming through the Twin Cities.
But I got lucky again riding to and from work. This morning was a little foggy and it almost made me chicken out and us my car to go to work. But than I thought: I'm might be called Sis but I'm no Sissy, you can ride to work!
It was a nice ride and after a good day at work the sun was out to welcome Nia and I back outside. We ride together often after work adding a little more yards to Nia's or both of our rides home.
I stopped at the Y for an other swim this afternoon, that's 2 in a row, much better to go right after work. I already said that didn't I?
Checking my e-mail I found more donations! It's wonderful to get all this support. It keeps me going, riding, running and swimming to get in the best shape I can to get ready for my adventure.
http://www.LIVESTRONGChallenge.org/06TX/sisfiets that's where all these donations are coming in.
Ari put me and my cause on his website under friends helping friends check out: http://www.abzpictures.com
I still have some money in the Netherlands from the silent auction, but are unable to move it because of my credit card limit. But I've got time!


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