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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Garage sale

What a wonderfull day! The garage sale started on Friday setting up all the merchandise, hanging the clothes, selecting everything in piles of bathroom, kitchen, rugs, crafts, toys, garden and sporting goods. Matt came and helped and brought 2 big tables and a clothing rack that was very useful.
In the evening Deb and I drove around hanging signs, we eventually found out that a hammer is all you need! All poles have plenty of nails in them ready to be re-used and a staple gun doesn't work!
Up early on Saturday to go to the garage and put everything outside. The first customers are early, but they must be looking for the worms! I was able to tip over the full clothing rack without killing anybody but just adding a little more work on this hot day. The ironing board did well at a kids clothing rack and we put up a gazebo to get a little shade for the sales people; Lisa, Kari, Deb and myself.
The garagesale venue came with full service catering, who knew! Kharmen was trying to down talk her efforts but those eggs, pancakes, potatoes and bacon she cooked for us were delicious and came right on time. Between sales we had a lot of fun trying to fit in the ice bucket to cool down and coming up with good fundraiser ideas. If you sell that pink pokadot purse, I'll donate another dollar to the cause!
Everybody was very enthusiastic about my story and a lot of people gave extra money to support my ride.
I think my favorite memory of this day will not be the total amount of money but the realization that there are a lot of good people in this world. A lot of poeple who don't know me but supported me anyway, maybe because the had cancer, know somebody that had cancer or just because they want to support a survivor. I heard a lot of stories about people who didn't live to go and ride their bike and that's one of my motivators. I'm a lucky girl, I'm here to tell my story, I'm here able to raise money for more research so eventually hopefully nobody has to die from cancer, have their life changed by cancer or loose a loved one through cancer. Thanks everybody for making it possible for me to do this!
As the day got hotter the sales slowed down a little, but we were able to sell the lawn mower right before closing. Kharmen surpized us with avocado, corn black bean dip and icecream, you rock Kharmen!
Then Rhonda showed up and decided on a pink house coat, fabulous! Brigit came with a cooler full of sportsdrinks to help us load some electrolites.
Breaking down took about one hour with the help of Lisa, Craig, Brigit, Math, Rhoanda ( rollerblading down the alley) and Kharmen. It is true: many hands make light work, or something like that.
Brigit took all the left over clothing to Salvation army, I'm going to Play it Again Sports to see if they'll give something for the sporting goods left overs. We'll place the computerdesk, table and chairs and recliner on Craigslist to see if they will sell and the rest is going to Goodwill.
I took down the signs on my way home and took a shower, that cold water felt great!
The grand total of the day was $771.00! Not bad for a 97 degree day in the sun.
Thanks everybody for your support!


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