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Sunday, July 09, 2006

TEAM Survivor Twin Cities

Go TEAm, what a great day today. The day started very early at 4.40 am, waking up isn't easy. Meeting up with the rest of the team at 5 in the lobby. Then of to the parking area and everybody into the schoolbus to be shuttled to the sportscenter.
Everybody is excited and nervous judging by the last minute changes and bathroom runs. Miss Jaqui arrived in style complete with I-pod and golden fanny pack! I ran off to have her seat fastened as last minute repair. Thanks friendly bike repair guys.
Walking to the swim start area, there are over 150 Survivors in the crowed of over 4000 women starting this tri. It's the second biggest all women Triathlon in the world!
But let's get ready to swim! A few last minute pictures, tears, hugs and words of encouradgement! Then it's of to meet Sally and get our mantra word before the start. I am a fantastic swimmer! There we go, wave number 3 let's go catch the red caps!
For me it was about 100 strokes free-style to switch over to my favorite stroke! Breast stroke all the way! I'm still passing a lot of women and am able to see where I'm going. It's amazing to see all these women swimming to the best of their abilities alone or with a swim angel it doesn't matter. Out the water I go, running into the transition area!
Rinsing of my feet, putting on socks and my bike shoes my shirt with number and of to the bike part. It feels good riding, keeping my heartrate around 158 B/min, keeping up the cadence! Halfway we turn into the wind and the speed comes down a bit but I'm still feeling good. There is the overpass, last turn right to the sportscentre and smile for the photographer, shoulders down! Off the bike and back to my little spot, Kharmen get ready! It sure is nice to have her there to help out.
Running shoes on and cowboy hat on, of to the run. Those first few hundred yards are just like learning to run all over again! But just keep on going, keep my heartrate around 158 B/min. It's great to get all the support from all the women still waiting to get started with their swim. Go TEAM Survivor, go cowgirl! There is the loop, it's psychologically not easy to have to turn and run the other way when you can see the finish line! OK let's get to the finish, speeding up a little and focus on the end.
Run, run, run one more turn, there is the clock, oh I better start sprinting to have a change to finsh faster then last year! I think I just did it! They even announced my name! A very cute little girl hung my medal around my neck, thanks.
Now it's back out there and wait for the rest of the TEAM. There the come, Julie, Jaqui, Ali and Kris all wearing their cowboy-hats proudly!
We just finished watching the soccer final on tape, congrats Italy. My brother will be happy, because he is going on vacation in France today. This will mean a lot less crazy traffic.
I'll finish the race day report tomorrow.


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