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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

McEwen does it again!

Yet another day good day in de Tour de France. It's great to have cable with good reception!

Being able to ride to work is such a privilage! The weather has been so great so far, cool in the morning and flying home with the breeze in the back. Work was busy but without major drama. This week I seem to be going back and forth in and out of the woundclinic; Sunday out, Monday in, Tuesday out, Today in, Tomorrow out and Friday in. Flexibility is a good thing I guess.
After work it was a quick arm strength work out, I've got keep my bone density up! Then a swim, with good tips from Deb to improve my kick technique.
Back at home it was grill time, a nice steak, corn and mushrooms,mmmmmm lekker.
Almost fixed the massage table, on sale at the garage sale.
Deb is falling a sleep next to me, waiting to correct this posting, I better finish this up!


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