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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tour de France

The Tour started yesterday and we got cable! Yes specially for the Tour de France!
It was a good day for the USA with George in the Yellow, I hope Thor will be able to start again tomorrow.
I had to work today because next weekend TEAM Survivor is going to Kenoshia to participate in the Danskin Triathlon. Kharmen and I are getting our 7 member team ready! How exciting is this, our TEAM Twin Cities is growing.
The rest of my time is taken orginazing the July 15th garage sale for my fundraiser. Our living room is slowly changing into a pile of stuff. I see skies, speakers, baskets, clothing and so much more. Keep it coming.
After work today it was time for a final lake swim 16.52 minutes for about 900 yards, I've got to support Lisa in her training for a 5 mile swim! I'd rather ride my bike 1100 mile to Austin than 5 mile swimming. But that's why they say: to each her own. I'm just hired to paddle the canoe, peel bananas (good against cramps) and keep Lisa on track.
Yesterday I went to see Rhonda in the Gay Rodeo. The girl actually rides bulls! She stayed on for 4.7 sec not enough for a score but very impressive. It was a nice day with some great people watching.
Bedankt Else en Femke voor de mooie tekeningen en koe.


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