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Friday, July 07, 2006

Thanks Kharmen

This is a wonderful hotel, I'll be ready for the Tri on Sunday after sleeping in this comfy bed.
Using the internet while watching the Tour, what else does a girl want. We just drove from Minneapolis to Kenosha, a not to bad 6 hour trip.
Tomorrow we'll meet up with the rest of the Twin Cities Team, we have 7 women racing on Sunday. I can't wait to get going, cheering and naturally for the after race beer!
I better get some sleep it an early day tomorrow and I've got to grease my chain before we go.


  • At 9:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ha zusje,

    veel succes met de triathlon! en gefeliciteerd met de $10.000.
    We zullen er vanavond het gals op heffen


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