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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Getting ready to race!

We're ready and set, for the race tomorrow.
This morning it was an early rise after a short night. Kharmen, Ali, Julie and I on our way to the Survivor breakfast. Only the directions on the internet were way off, and so were we! Then Kharmen and I remembered the big industry next to the sports center so we started looking for the smoke and found the center. We came to the breakfast just in time to tell our short bio's and a quik meet up with TEAM Madison. They're looking so good, with official shirts and smiles all the way!
Of to the official part of the day, registration. It was better organazed this year. Much better flow throught the area, they moved the numbering to outside and had a lot of computers to check the chips.
The hunt for free-bees started, lip gloss for Kharmen and Ali, waterbottles for Annemiek and (OK not free) a bag for Julie.
The first time talk given by Sally was a good experince, complete with tears when all the present survivors were asked to come on stage. We recieved a standing ovation, wow a very powerful experience!
Time to re-assemble the bikes and we were ready to rack! Time for lunch!
We picked up Deb at the hotel and met Kris and Jaqui at Chilis, so our TEAM is almost complete. The other Alison we'll meet tomorrow morning.
After an hour of relaxation in the hotel room it was time for pre-race dinner at the Phoenix, good company only since I just ate a late lunch.
A last run by the parking location for tomorrow and the grocery store and I'm ready for bed. Deb just offered me a pre-race backrub, so I'm off!


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