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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lake swim

The nice weather just keeps on coming. This morning I had a wonderful ride to work. It's so great to be able to bike to work, it helps get there relaxed and be ready for the day.
The day at work was good, I'm back in out-patient gym for this week so had to dust of my vertigo and neuro-rehab skills. People already started to bring in garage sale items so that's great.
After work it was of to the Lake for a swim practice with Lisa who is practicing for a 5 mile swim in July, oops I told more people. Lisa keeps telling me not to, but it's so much fun! Like at work during lunch when I told 5 co-workers and then Lisa walked by and yelled at me when she was asked about the big swim:):):):)
After 20 minutes we were called out of the water for a safety check?!?!?!, what is that about? Do the life guards just need a break, because they are sure not out and looking for people in trouble.
Back in the water for another 900 yards, then to the BBQ at Lisa's house. Very tasty steaks!


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