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Monday, July 10, 2006

Part 2 of the Race

Look how proud I am with my medal!
After the race it was time for our after race beer! Always jealous looks from other teams and sherpas! You've got to come prepared as we did. Thanks Deb, Chris and Larry for your wonderful support during our race. It's great to hear people cheer you on and call out your name!
Nancy came also to cheer but was unable to get through because there was only 1 place to cross the race for all the spectators. So she missed my finish again, but there's another tradition! Phineas is becoming a real toddler, what a handsome little man!
After a shower and bike pick-up it was time to find a way back to the car. Nancy to the recsue, we walked to her car, then she took me to my car and we returned to pick up our passengers. Phineas for Nancy and Kharmen, Ali and Deb for me. Time to get on the road, we had on more tradition to follow. The second-annual-post-race-Nike-outletstore-shopping-extravaganza here we go! After about an hour drive there it was the outlet mall. We were welcomed by some island music making man, nice touch.
An hour passes quickly in the store and we all left with a bag full of stuff, over to the 2 Loons cafe for lunch.
Back on the road again for the long ride home. A few bathroom stops, root beer floats, M&M's and sing along CD's later we were home. First stop Ali, who was ready to see her dog again. Second stop Kharmen, the plants need a little water girl.
Home sweet home, 2 cats ready to get out and get a little air.
Thanks everybody for a great weekend.
Next project: garage sale this coming Saturday. I just went around our neighborhood to hang up announcements.


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