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Monday, June 26, 2006


It's that great! I'm almost at the $10,000 mark, over 60% of my overall goal of $15,000! I'm so grateful to everbody that have helped my get this far. Thanks, bedankt, merci, gracias, supashi-po ( I sure hope the translation from English to Japanese from the web is right!) danke and again!
Friends, family, co-workers, people I don't even know! My dream of participating in the Ride of the Roses is getting closser and closser!
My next fundraising activity is a garage sale on July 15th her in Minneapolis. I'm hoping to have people donate stuff they don't need and others to buy what they do! So I can raise more money for the Lance Armstrong foundation.
We have just ordered cable so we can watch the Tour de France. I'm wondering how it's going to play out this year and seeing all the press attention I'm not the only one.
Today the weather was beautiful a wonderful day for a ride. The flowers and gras are loving it! I finished of the work-out with a 45 minute swim in the pool. Practicing my free style and good old breast stroke.
After a wonderfull diner of homemade shrimp quesedilla it's now time to ride in my BLOG.
Bedankt iedereen in Nederland voor alle bijdragen. Het grote bedrag van vandaag was nog 2000 euro van de stille veiling in Leiderdorp. Gisteren was mijn vader jarig en hij kreeg nog weer 200 euro van vrienden voor mij "Ride", ik ben heel blij met zijn verjaardags cadeau! Gefeliciteerd pappa!
Kus Sis


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