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Saturday, June 24, 2006

1 cheer, 2 parties and 1 pick-up

Why is it so difficult during the week to wake up when the alarm goes of and yet in the weekend when you can sleep in, you wake up without the alarm at that same time?
This did give me time to clean the bathroom, sweep the bedroom and livingroom and vacuum the rug all before going to cheer on Lisa. She's my swimming buddy and collegue who convinced herself she should go out and do a 1 mile lake swim. All to get ready for the 5 mile swim she is, at least according to me and some others, going to swim next month. Her sister and I will be in a canoe paddling along and cheer her on on the occasion! Lisa did great and came in 1st in her age group! You go girl!
I finished my bikeride and went to Target. I didn't have anything I needed but came home with a new Holland/Amsterdam T-shirt, I tell you that store is great! (Let's hope somebody at Target reads this and decides to sponsor me).
Than I went up the White Bear Lake to the Flames ski-team party. I help out coaching this great special olympics team. mostly for skiing but if I can fit it in I show up for softball. It was great to see everybody in shorts and with their normal hair. Who knew Adam had so many curls! During ski season we're used to helmet-head and lot's of layers.
When it started pouring it was time for me to move on to party number 2 at Kim and Michele's in Blaine. It's Pride in Minneapolis this weekend so they decided to trow a party for friends. Because it was still raining they also had moved their party to the garage.
Then Deb called that she made it to the airport which was my cue to wrap it up and head down south. We just watched the pictures from her brother's wedding and it's already time to call it a night. That was a busy day.
I need to go for a run tomorrow!


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