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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heavy legs

Yesterday I finally made it to the Twin Cities Bike ride with Floyd, the speed skating coach. He's been offering to help me out all summer, but things get in the way. Now it's all about the bike for me, these last weeks before the ride.
My new mantra: I am an endurance athelete! is slowly starting to get into my brain.
The ride itself was hard, trying to keep up with the 5 boys. Including Floyd who was riding circles around me and Steve who was very nice and kept pulling me back into the pack. Thanks Steve.
This morning I woke up wondering why Deb had switched off both of the fans in the room, only to reallize that is was a power outage. Luckily it was only 6 am and I got up and set the timer for the last 5 minutes before I had to get up.
After getting up I looked outside and found the sky filled with dark clouds, T-storms, no commute today.
So I took the opportunity to drop of Blondie at the garage to get the timing beld replaced and oil-change. She also needs to get ready for the Big ride.
Deb was nice and picked me up after work because I was done a little early. Off to Traders Joes for a little shopping, frozen fish, nuts, vegies etc.
Back home it was time to get my work out going with a 30 minute run (stiff legs) and 1h and 35 minutes on my trainer, riding while watching a fantastic day of the Tour. Talk about inspiration!
Good day for Rabobank, go Rasmussen! Michiel Bogaard is also doing well.
Time to get a little sleep.
Weltrusten Sis


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