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Friday, July 21, 2006


Today I got to sleep in to 7am because it was the day to ride my car to work. The station wagon was filled with left over stuff from the garage sale. One table to be brought back to the wound clinic, Thanks All for carrying it into the hospital.
A TV and mocrowave to be delivered later to the recycling center.
At work people are talking about the silent e-mail auction that Nia is organizing. The final list with items was out today, there are 26 items on there! Massage, boquet of fresh flowers, pillow cases,beer, wine, vacation in a basket, 4 hours of baby sitting and many other great items and services. The final bids are to be in on August 1st.
The day was steadily busy, filled with MD calls, forms to be filled out and other extras beside patient care.
After work I was off to the recycle center only to find out that recycling a microwave costs $15, good thing I made so much money at the garare sale! :)
We had dinner from a new Thai restaurant, besides that they messed up the springrolls the food was good. While watching the Tour I mapped out my ride on a map from the US to send to Sas so she can hang it in the Hollandsche Tuyn. My dad told me the "Home Team" had a meeting the other night to plan other fundraising activities in the Netherlands. A bikeride is planned on Sept 18th as I am starting my ride her in MInneapolis.
I send a letter to KARE 11 today to ask if they are interested in my story, keep those fingers crossed!
Tomorrow I've got another early start, Lisa is going to swim 5 miles across Lake Minnetonka and I'll be paddling the canoe with her sister. Than I'll ride back with a few extra miles.


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