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Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yesterday I had to get a breast MRI, the new best thing for young women to detect signs of breast cancer. So now my MD wants to do a mammogram and a MRI
once a year. This will get me a test every 6 months.
The MRI technicians were very nice, but my
uncooperative veins drove one of them mad. Why do the technicians
not listen when I tell them the veins in my elbow are
not any good! I wish I had been given the choice to
have a porter catheter when receiving my chemo. It’s
a normal practice here in the US and saves your arms
veins from being destroyed.
Then I had to lie chest down with my breasts kind
of hanging down in an opening in the bench. What a
noisy machine that MRI is. Even with my earplugs there
was no way of falling asleep! About 25 minutes
later it was all finished. Now just waiting for the
After going home I called Nancy to go on a bike ride.
That was a good way to get the MRI experience out of
my system. A new route into St. Paul, very pretty ride
with a few nice hills and total of about 45k. Not bad
for a Tuesday evening, back home before the rain.
Today at work we celebrated the beginning of summer by eating treats al day, brought in by all of us. Fruit pizza, taco dip, cookies, oreo-salad and much more carbs! At the end of the
day I had to return all the way back to work for yet another late CPM,
that’s twice this week!

Now I’m watching the wrong soccer game on TIVO,
because the game from the Netherlands wasn’t recorded!
Well at least I can cheer for a team in orange!
Good thing Holland made it through already.
I got a response from the Women’s press that their
issue was already filled. But I’ve got some good
offers for garage sale stuff.
The LAF also gave me the opportunity to extend the
fundraising deadline until October 8th if I guarantee
that I will get the $15,000 so the race is on! Please
write me with any ideas you might have for


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