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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Day 10

Columbus Kansas-Locust Grove Oklahoma 88 miles or 142 km.
An other day of early awakening! Country music woke me at 7am to get ready for my interview with the local Columbus paper.
I totally missed the reporter walking in, while I walked out to check the oil and cooler fluid in the car. A short interview and some pictures in front of the hotel and we were ready to roll!
The sun was out, the wind was from the south/west and not to strong, so a beautiful day to ride! The first 60km without a problem and a little on the freeway! But than boredom and pain in my feed got the best of me. I had to stop and ask Peet to join me riding and singing to get to our lunch spot. Mom got us a place in the yard of a breast cancer survivor with a great view of the “Grand Lake O’ the Cherokees”, nice work mom!
After lunch, mom got in her shorts to join me on the bike, how cool is that! The both of us survivors paddling for this wonderful cause! We were able to support each other during our fights with cancer and now we are riding together through the US to fundraise for more cancer research! Mom also decided to pay for any extra costs during this trip so I can donate every dollar that I fundraised to the Lance Armstrong Foundation! I might get enough to ride with Lance after all!
After an hour mom thought she had done enough and passed the bike to my dad to ride the last part of the day. We got a few nice hills to climb but eventually rode past Lake Hudson to Locust Grove the end destination of today, We quickly put the bikes on the car and drove to Tulsa where Peet had arranged yet an other night free this time at the Ambassador Hotel. We just finished a nice dinner with lot’s of beef for my parents and are ready for a good night sleep.
Tomorrow will bring a rest day with an other interview, laundry, bike repairs, a museum visit and diner with Mike and Steve from the CCC (Cyclists Combating Cancer).


  • At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Way to go Lady!!!
    You are an inspiration.
    Keep celebrating.

    When the day gets long and you are feeling like you need to go to that happy place just remember mile number 3 in the middle of Lake Minnetonka and tell yourself a canoe is a pretty happy place.

    I sure hope someone decorated your bike and car!

    Amy O (Kuehn)


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