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Friday, September 29, 2006

Day 12

Tulsa-McAlester: bike ride 79 mile or 127km and 27 miles by car.
This morning after my shower I went down to the lobby to get the Tulsa World newspaper. The article can be read on http://www.tulsaworld.com/NewsStory.asp?ID=060929_Ne_A8_Cycli1957
We had breakfast in my parent’s room before packing up the car and set out the meet up with Mike.
He was going to ride the first miles with me out of Tulsa. We started on the River Side bike path and met up with rest of the team on Memorial and 101st. The wind was coming from the south blowing in our faces, but the sun was out and the temperature rising, an other nice day to ride.
Mike road 20 miles before it was time for him to turn around and enjoy the wind in his back. Thanks Mike for riding with me, it was great of you to come out and meet me for this ride.
The ride was a straight shot south; we had lunch at the side of the road after Morris. Than Peet jumped on the bike and pulled for the next 16 km, nice and easy for me, drafting all the way. Dad did the next shift promising Peet she could do the last part with the wind in the back if she could get us an other free hotel. No problem, although it took a few more phone calls than she is used to.
The price was, not as sweet as expected because the wind was dying down and we had to climb a couple of hills that were not on the map!
At the Indian nation turnpike we had to get into the car and rode 27 miles to McAlester were the Holliday Inn Express was waiting for us. This hotel was only open 1 week and very nice and fresh.
For dinner we walked to a pizza place where we enjoyed after a long wait, but we couldn’t leave since mom already paid, 2 good pizzas.
Coffee and tea in our room and now it’s time to turn in. Tomorrow the plan is to ride to Durant; 74 miles if we could take the freeway.


  • At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey Dutch Grl,

    it's great to read of your trip and contact with family and friends. You're on the home stretch now, enjoy it.



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