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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

New Bike shirt

OK, I’ve been slacking, that is if I look at my writing. No new entries her in my BLOG for a couple of days.
What have I been doing you might wonder? Well that’s easy, I’ve been riding my bike as much as possible. Starting Saturday morning, I rode to Floyd’s house to go ride with the group. We were lucky that there was a little cloud cover because it was supposed to be a hot day. Floyd tried to keep the speed within control because of the head and just make sure to ride the miles. When I got back home I totaled about 51 miles.
Sunday, I got up really early to go on a ride with Nancy towards Still Water, following the Gateway trail, a nice tree covered trail with plenty of shade. Slowly going up hill, but we only found that out on the way back. At Hwy 12 we took the bike-path to Still Water, a nice ride over rolling hills with a big drop into the town. Let’s get a waffle, for the second breakfast. Nancy was ready for a veggie-wrap and a cup of coffee. We needed the courage to get back on that hill!
Up we go! Once back on the Gateway, we were pleasantly surprised the go mainly down hill and wind in the back, nice! Back in the city there were a few more hills than we remembered but some ice at the gas station and finally the beer at the patio of Long fellow got us through the ride. The temperature was slowly climbing up towards 98 F.
Hanging up the laundry outside was great because the first item was dry when I was done hanging the last one. J
Monday it was supposed to be over 100 F with a heat index of 110F, so to beat the heat I got up early and ran 30 minutes before work. Since I had to volunteer at the free neighborhood clinic after work and the high temperature I decided to ride my car to work.
The day at work was busy, in contrast with my volunteer hours, because no PT patients showed up. But it was a good time talking with the 2 students and give them the early night off.
Deb was packing up for her last wedding trip home, 3 weddings in one summer, that’s a lot. I’m sorry I haven’t been able to go to any of them because I’ve got to spend all my vacation days on my ride.
Lisa offered to give me a vacation day but after a call to human resources that plan was not to be! It was a nice idea.
Today it was raining when we woke up, and yes I took the car. I know I’ll be getting rained on during my ride to Texas but I really don’t feel like practicing that! Call me spoiled, go ahead. After work I went to the gym because it was still wet out and thunderstorms were in the air! 45 minutes high speed spinning, 30 minutes on the stair-master and 45 minutes weights and abs. I hope it makes up for the missed bike ride.
At home there it was the brand new printer, will I be able to set it up?
Deb had a rocky flight but got there safe.


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