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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Over 100 miles in the weekend.

The weekend in Minneapolis was a beautiful one.
Friday evening Kharmen and I went to a small beer tasting in St Paul, it was about Belgian beers and the sampling was good. Both K and I ended up with a bottle and free glass.
Then we went for dinner at a Japanese restaurant, oh I love Sushi, I could eat it every day. It also brings back good memories from way back in Fairfield CA, when Peet and I would go to Izumi restaurant after working out and eat Sushi about once a week. The more often we went to the restaurant the cheaper it got. That’s a nice deal.
But back to Friday, it was good to hang out with K and catch up on the last week's since the garage sale.
Since we did a little walk after diner, we had enough room for some ice cream, Izzi”s mmmmm, lekker.
Saturday morning I woke up early since my internal clock has changed lately, getting ready for my ride with Floyds group, at least I thought. When I called Floyd to ask what time we were going to ride, he told me everybody bailed out and the ride was off so I had to go out and ride by myself, and I didn’t feel like going! I called Deb and when we chatted I told her about the amazing results from the silent auction at work, organized by Nia, about 780 dollars getting me close to $14,000!
When I told Deb that I didn’t feel like riding she reminded me that the ride is not just about me. All my friends and family who have supported me are part of this.
They have placed their trust in me by never questioning my idea to go on this ride, by giving me financial support so I’ll be able to fulfill my dream.
So not feeling to go for a ride is just not an option at this point.
(Another reason is of course that V has been on my case to get ready for this ride and I don’t want to arrive in TX to meet her in pain and unable to keep up with her, only so she can say: I told you so!)
I decide to go up north following the Mississippi River; it was a good ride once I was out of the City. It continues to amaze me how much more you see when riding a bike vs. getting around by car. I made it up to the Coon Rapids Dam a recreation area around a dam in the Mississippi. A good place to run to the restroom in the visitors centre.
After I crossed the river I though I took the North Hennepin Trail towards Maple Grove, but that ended up not being the case. After riding for about 15 minutes I was surprised to Avenue number going down as if I was riding South towards the city, instead of going West as I thought I was going. Finally I found a person to ask directions and she pointed me into the right direction. My plan to stop by Josie’s new house was still possible so toward Medicine Lake I went. But yet again no Josie at the house, next time I’ll need to call first. When I get back home I’ve got 59 miles on my odometer.
That ride was for everybody who supported me so far, thanks!
Sunday, I slept in nicely until 9 am. Ready to ride, Nancy needed to clean her house, so I was on my own again.
My plan today was to ride around Lake Minnetonka, West of the Twin Cities. A nice ride mainly on trails up to the Lake and than a couple of not to busy roads. In Wayzata I treated myself to a smoothie and chocolate chip cookie, the lunch of champions!
On my way home I passed by Hillcrest my old workplace, so after that the road was familiar from my old commute. Back home my total was 53 miles, this ride is for Robin one of the CCC (Cyclists Combating Cancer) members who is fighting re-occurring cancer! My thoughts are with you Robin, keep up the strength!


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